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Read our Reviews

08/31/17 (Yelp)
I enjoyed this doing business with this establishment - the people were friendly, the doctor and assistants were extremely professional and the technology great! Everything was made extremely easy for me. No waiting at all. I will get my glasses from them every year from now on.

08/30/17 (Yelp)
In my search for a new optometrist, I came across Family Vision Center. Upon my first visit today, I met with Dr. Strictland. He is absolutely amazing!! He is so kind, friendly and thorough. I was so impressed and cannot wait to refer all my friends to him. It was a wonderful visit and I am so thankful I found him. The entire staff did an amazing job!!!!

08/24/17 (Yelp)
I had a change in insurance for eye care and sort of just closed my eyes and put my finger on a contracted eye care provider since I didn't know any of them. I will trust that finger from now on. Most fortunate pick I could have made ( though I don't advise this as a usual way to select any doctor).
I was able to make an appointment online and received a prompt phone call to verify my appointment. The staff and Justin and Dr Strickland couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. I loved their sense of humor as well as thoroughly explaining every step of the tests. Nice to be able to have a photo of the eyes instead of the dilatation. Thanks for that option. My glasses should be ready soon. Very positive experience. Couldn't be more satisfied.

08/23/17 (Yelp)
Dr. Strickland has done an awesome job in the very difficult task of following his predecessor, Dr. Sills, at Family Vision where my family and I have gone for 20 years. I was skeptical at first, then after going thru an appointment with my somewhat complicated eye issues, he was not only a Genius at his medical ability, but had a charismatic quality like I've never seen. I know we are in fantastic hands with Dr. Strickland!

08/03/17 (Yelp)
Dr. Lax provided outstanding eye exam and answered clearly all my questions. Pearl provided excellent assistance in helping me choose a frame and fitting my glasses. EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

07/28/17 (Yelp)
Just as I was about to give up on progressive lenses, Dr Strickland provided the perfect prescription, restoring my vision and faith in Optometrists. The staff was super friendly, special thanks to Justin for helping me find the perfect frame, I love how I look in my new glasses. Thank You Family Vision Center

07/20/17 (Yelp)
The entire staff at Family Vision Center is first class. Their text and email appointment system assures I always get to my appointment on time.
Everyone iin the office is a good listener and aims to meet my expectations. The doctors and technicians are professional and always make sure they answer my questions. I am treated as an individual and not part of an assembly line.Thank you FVC.

07/13/17 (Yelp)
I'm so glad I was referred here to Dr.Lax. He is the most well educated optometrist I have ever met. I have been to quite a few eye doctors and have even had laser eye surgery done but none have ever explained the eyes and how they work as well as he does. Everyone has always been quick to ask me, "do you want contacts or glasses?" But he throughly listened to me when I told him how contacts made me feel. I love the idea of contacts but they make my eyes hurt very badly almost like a a heavy weight on the eye causing it to feel bruised. During my eye exam I felt he really understood me and explained that my eye is shaped different. He said that contacts don't suction well to my eyes which cause them to rotate constantly causing the pain and the eye to not be able to focus so I see blurry when wearing them. Basically making them pointless for me to own! Lol. I have finally found an eye doctor that knows what he is talking about and doesn't just try to get you in and out of the office to sell you contacts or glasses. He listens and genuinely cares about your eyes as an individual. So glad I came here and recommend Dr. Lax to everyone! He is truly the best!

06/15/17 (Yelp)
Very professional organization with excellent staff and the latest equipment. Dr. Strickland is extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

05/03/17 (Yelp)
Dr. Lax was so awesome. Explained everything in plain English and made me feel very comfortable. The entire office staff is great and they take the time to listen and answer your questions.

04/11/17 (Yelp)
Dr. Strickland has done a great of job taking over Dr. Sill's clients. Very pleased with his service and expertise. Staff is very helpful and professional. Highly recommended!

03/24/17 (Yelp)
The staff and doctors at Family Vision Center were amazing! My husband had his eye scratched by our toddler. We're only in the area temporarily, but when I called they were so helpful! It was thirty minutes before they closed and the receptionist was still cheery and helpful. She encouraged us to come in and said we'd be seen. In person she was the same even offering us water while we waited.The doctors were competent and kind and thoroughly explained the injury to my husband and what to expect for healing. They set him up a follow up appointment for the next day.
They were also reasonably priced for an emergency visit. We couldn't have left more pleased, especially at 5:30 PM on a Friday! If we were permanently in the area this is where we'd be going for all our optometrist needs. So impressed and so grateful.

02/24/17 (Yelp)
This is my first yelp review ever but I had such a good experience a few days ago I had to leave one. Everyone, and I really do mean EVERYONE, here is extremely nice. I was in and out pretty quick, and not in a rushed manner they just made everything very easy. I also used to go to doctor Sills here but since he's retired I went to a newer doctor they have (not good with names sorry) and he was awesome. The lady in the front who helped me choose glasses was very helpful and nice as well. I'm 23, working, college student but I'd recommend this place to anyone!

02/02/17 (Yelp)
Highly recommended. From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, everyone is courteous and professional. Excellent eye exam using the latest technology. I saw Dr. Strickland, he is very knowledgeable and friendly. He explained everything in language I can understand. I got great service picking out frames, no rush job or hard sell. My insurance coverage was thoroughly explained to me. I walked out a happy camper.

01/11/17 (Yelp)
I have been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. Lax is who I see, and he is amazing at explaing everything about your eyes, and what he finds on the exams.The staff is very professional and nice. Quick and easy exams on the latest technology. Nice selection of frames, and prices are comparable.
Highly recommend Family Vision Center!

12/09/16 (Yelp)
Prompt service, very nice staff. The doctor was extremely thorough. I highly recommend this doctor's office

12/07/16 (Yelp)
Very friendly, professional and conveniently located. From the front desk, to the actual exam, to shopping for frames - I really appreciate this business. I've been going to them now for quite a few years, and have referred friends and relatives.
I always get great help in choosing frames, sometimes it's hard to truly judge yourself. They seem to instinctively select frames that will work for you based on your eyes/face. I like the selection of designer frames, and always end up treating myself to new sunglasses when I get new regular glasses.Fully confident in recommending this business.

11/27/16 (Yelp)
Dr. Strickland and staff gave me the best eye exam I have ever had. Their equipment is the best I have ever seen. I would highly suggest going to Family Vision Center if you are in need of their services.

11/16/16 (Yelp)
This is the best vision care I have received in Ventura County!  Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

11/10/16 (Yelp)
Dr. Lax is very calm and knowledgeable--he explains everything very clearly during appointments and answers all my questions. The staff here is very welcoming and they offer the latest technology in vision screenings.

10/17/16 (Yelp)
I visited Family Vision Center last Friday afternoon and was pleased to see that the office that they recently moved in to from the old office by Winco (Mervyn's) has had a very nice face-lift.  I first came to FVC back in 1987 when I moved here from the Midwest.  My first doctor there was Dr. Starchvick (sp) and after he moved away to Oregon, I was handed over to the very capable Dr. Lax, of whom I have been going to twice a year for years and I look forward to continuing as a patient for many more years to come. I feel that I have always received the very best eye care possible from FVC, the doctors and the very friendly staff. I especially like that I have the choice of "OPTOS" rather than dialation, well worth the extra charge.  I know Dr. Sills retired a year or so ago and a new doctor took over. My understanding is that the practice was purchased by Dr. Strickland, whom I have only had the pleasure of meeting on one occasion. He seems to be a very energetic and a very personable doctor and I really like what he has done with the office.  There are great updates such as updated colors, new furniture and fixtures and everyone seems to be as happy as they were when Dr. Sills was there.  I am really happy that those "antique mirrors" used at the fitting tables are finally gone, I always joked about them being from the 1800's.... anyway, they really were gawd-awful, tacky an very out-dated. Oh, and the new "fitting tables" if that is what they're called are very modern and up-to-date, excellent choice!!  Kudos to you Dr. Strickland on all of the improvements!!  I look forward to getting to know you.  And by-the-way, love, love, love Rose; she is the bomb and is one of the highlights of my visits to their office.

9/28/16(Facebook)I was first brought here by my parents in 1984! When I returned to Ventura years later, I was amazed that the things that impressed me as a child (lovely people, high-tech personalized care, super cute clinic) were still in place and going strong. I again got excellent care this week, thank you to Dr. Lax and all staff!

7/8/16 (Yelp)
I just had my yearly exam at Family Vision Center and was very pleased with the care I received...I did see Dr. Strickland, for the first time, and was very impressed with him..He was very patient with me (a senior citizen), took his time in explaining his findings and I felt like I had a very good eye exam..I definitely would continue my eye care with Family Vision Center...I had been a patient of Dr. Sills for many years and do miss seeing him, but again, I was very pleased with Dr. Strickland...thanks again Family Vision Center for all you did for me:)

4/5/16 (Facebook)

I have been a patient since I was 9 years old and have always received excellent care. Dr. Sills was my main doctor growing up and then, I also began seeing Dr. Lax who is equally professional and competent. Even though Dr. Sills just retired, I trust that he has left the practice in great hands.

3/18/16 (Yelp)
Love Family Vision Center! Have been with them for 3 decades! Will miss Dr Sills, who has retired, but like the new doctor, Gary Strickland! Their staff always goes out of their way to get you in for an appointment quickly and get you out in a timely manner.
-Billy Jo C.

2/2/16 (Yelp)
I've been a long-time client of Family Vision since I was a child, even back when their office was at it's old location near the Winco (that used to be a "Mervyn's" store, if you're old enough to remember!)  I've never had any issues.  As a life-long reading glasses wearer, & having worn contact lenses for half of my life, I don't think I could ever leave their care.  Last minute appointment changes (well, at least a few hours before, not at LAST last minute of course) have never been an issue, they are very accommodating and understanding.  I've never had a telephone call lasting longer than 2-5 minutes because I've never been on hold, which is a a nice change from regular doctor's office phone calls!  Their office/clerical front desk staff are just as impressive as the professional eye clinicians.  They all go out of their way for their customers' convenience.
-Lancer C.

11/4/15 (Yelp)
It's easy to make an appointment. The staff is very helpful in explaining insurance coverage and making the right frame selection.  Dr. Lax takes the time to explain his findings and how the eye works. I am confident he has my eye health at heart.
-Larry M.

10/6/15 (Yelp)
I love this office.  I have been going there for over 20 years.   Great people work there.
-Claire A.

9/20/15 (Yelp)
I have been seeing Dr. Sills for the past 25 years.  Before my laser eye surgery, I was wearing glasses that were so strong, a normal person could see the future with them.  When I finally decided to go for laser eye surgery, he was very concerned about what was best for me and took the time to speak with the surgeon.   His time in consulting with the surgeon was not fueled by a co-pay.  His time spent on my potential procedure stemmed from his genuine concern with my overall well-being through all aspects of the surgery. His realistic approach to my overall health makes him and his office support staff a gem.
-Punquette P.

5/20/15 (Google)
If you are not already a patient at the Family Vision Optometric Center, I would simply like to ask: what are you waiting for?! I have been seeing Dr. Sills there for ten years, and there is no one better than he, and the rest of the knowledgable staff of optometrists, for your optometric needs! Not to mention, Dr. Sills has a wit that is similar in style to Johnny Carson's or Robin Williams' ~ so quick and so amazingly humorous! He is an expert optometrist AND a stand-up comic at the same time! And I have never witnessed an office staff as kind and as efficient as the one at Family Vision! You will leave there with a smile on your face, realizing also that your eyes have never been in better hands (figuratively speaking, of course!). Honestly....head over there ASAP for the best Optometric Office and staff in the entire State of CA!!! You'll rave to your friends as I just did, my friends!!
-Jonathan B.

3/17/15 (Yelp)
"I have been coming to Dr. Sills for several years now after a former coworker recommended his office to me. I can't say enough about Dr. Sills and his staff. They are fantastic! I have had a history of vision issues, thankfully, Dr. Sills identified the problems and helped remedy them. I always recommend Family Vision Center to anyone looking for great professionals because when it comes to your eyes, you want the best!"
-Nadia G.

3/10/15 (Yelp)
"I was having a hard time finding a new eye doctor and one of my friends recommend I give this office a try, that was two years ago. I love that my doctor doesn't just check my eyes and send me on my merry way, no he actually explains why my eyes are having issues and how we can prevent them from getting worse. But he doesn't sugarcoat it either and I appreciate his candor. The staff are forever patient with me as I try the entire eye frame collections on.. Wonderful customer service and quality eye care. What more can you ask for from an eye doctor?"
-Rachel W.

3/1/15 (Yelp)
"I have been patient of Dr. Jon Sills at Family Vision Optometric Center in Ventura for close to 15 years. He is by far the best optometrist I have ever used. His eye exams are very thorough, and he takes the time to explain what's going on with my vision in ways that make sense to me. As I get older, and experience more problems or complications with my vision, I rely on his expertise and recommendations to keep my vision in the best possible condition. My husband is also a patient of Dr. Sills, and we both highly recommend him for his professionalism and expertise - not to mention his winning personality."
- Ruth B.

2/14/15 (Yelp)
"I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and the kindness of both staff and health professional. They accommodated to my schedule was able to be seen on the same day. Exam was thorough and specialist showed me and explained into detail the results of my exam. I will definitely recommend it!"
- Norma C.

Dr Lax is as good as it gets for taking care of your eyes.
- Carl. R.

"This is my third year of being seen by Dr. Gary Lax of Family Vision Optometry Center. I could not be any happier than I am with the care that he provides and the attentiveness and respect given by the staff. Dr. Lax is extremely thorough, takes great care to explain what is going on with my vision, and has my total confidence. Wonderful doctor."
- James B.

"I've been going to Family Vision Center since I was 9 years old. Now, 30 years later, I will be taking my own children to see Dr. Jon Sills. He is always professional, very warm, takes the time to answer all my questions, and is funny to boot. Thank you to Family Vision Center for all the wonderful years of service!"
- Michelle R.

"Friendly, helpful staff and excellent eye care specialists.  They always have the latest test equipment and can answer all your eye care questions.  I and my family have been going there since the 80's."
- Larry M.

"I have been going to Dr. Sills since the 90's.  He is always fun and easy to talk with about life's happenings and my eye care.  The office staff is always pleasant and helpful.  Love the new office space too!"
- Lisa K.

"Dr. Sills is very personable and thorough during exams.  He takes time to get to know his patients and to educate them about their eye health and vision. The optical staff does a great job helping you pick out frames which look right on your face and guiding you toward frames you hadn't considered before but which look better on you than the ones you did consider.  Appointments are relatively easy to get with convenient hours and they don't overbook and create long wait times like my previous optometrist did."
- Kerry N.

I've been going to Dr. Sils for at least 25 years.  He's been very very good to me and my eyesight.  Staff has always been courteous and knowledgable.
- Carl V.

"Dr. Sills is fantastic. Very thorough; explains everything; plus somehow makes it a pleasant experience. He keeps updating the technology as well. Staff is nice, pleasant, efficient. No long waits. Reminders for the appointment were sent via e- mail/text. so I didn't forget my appointment. Overall - excellent job."
- Anonymous

"A 10 for sure. Rose has the patience of an angel. I love my contacts Thank u Dr. Sills, you and your staff are the BEST."
- Norah F.

"Clean office and professional staff. Dr. Sills explains what going on in a very detailed manner, and that's important when it comes to my eyesight! Also, the girls always greet you kindly and are very knowledgeable with insurance matters. Great office!"
- Anonymous

"Great people & great selection of eyewear."
- Susan R.

"Great experience, Dr Sills and staff were very helpful and courteous."
- Cheryl L.

"Awesome. Have been going there for years. Love it. I was going to cancel my appointment but they were able to get me in early. Rose is always super nice and helpful."
- Allyson L.

"Very polite and friendly."
- Steve B.

"Dr sills is great. I like his common sense approach to things."
- Pearl M.

"Good, reliable service and an enjoyable atmosphere!!"
- Sarah K.

"From time I got there it was a good experience, but the every time is a good experience."
- William B.

"Always a good experience with Dr. Sills and staff!"
- Steve E.

"Courteous, thorough, competent services! Parking is easy; no hassles with traffic."
- Anonymous

"I really appreciate you guys. Everyone there is so nice. I enjoy coming to see Dr. Sills, he's like a friend I only see once a year. Thank you!"
- Catherine D.

"My husband and I have been going to see Dr. Sill at Family Vision Center. Always a good experience. All employees and the doctor are great!"

- Cynthia S.

"Appointment was great. Appreciated the doctor taking time to explain my issue to me and not rushing through it. The staff was very pleasant and I loved the new office."
- Theresa O.

"Our family has used Dr. Sills for decades and have recommended him many times."
- Larry K.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Sills and his staff! I have been a patient for over 28 years and have NEVER had such great care from any Optometrist I tried before! He gives the most comprehensive exam in the world, is blessed with uncanny diagnosing abilities and is always pleasant! Love the new office too!"
- Bonnie L.

"Very thorough and informative!"
- Leann O.

"Dr. Sills is one of the best."
- Roscoe S.

"Terrific as always!"
- Doris S.

"Went into order replacement sunglasses and was promptly taken care of by a very helpful person. Was in and out in around 15 minutes. They helped me decide if I wanted to get new lenses or order new sunglasses and lenses. Said my frames were fine so I just ordered lenses made and they will call me when ready to put them in my frames."
- Vickie L.

"Really wonderful service and staff. I was immediately taken care of with no waiting time - the staff were very nice and Dr. Heller is great! I have recommended my friends to go there for their eye care."
- Donna E.

"You guys are great! Your customer service is excellent and you are always so accommodating if I need an appointment right away. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. In fact my mom now goes there :)"
- Lisa H.

"Dr. Lax is very thorough and the staff very friendly."
- Anonymous

"My visit was great. I was in and out in just over an hour. All of the staff was friendly and Dr. Lax explained my inner eye to me without my even asking!"
- Leslie W.

"I have been going to Family Vision Center since 1996. The office staff are down to earth and delicate to my needs. I now take my entire family to FVC & they are all happy returning customers. Dr Sills is my favorite. His knowledge in the eye area is out of this world. My six year old can even understand him. Yes I have a smart child. Dr Lax is amazing too. Rose is the best. Thank you FVC for everything. Donuts anybody?"
- Anonymous

"Great experience.... Staff wonderful... Optician Denise knowledgeable and patient. Doctors experienced and very thorough . A GO TO place especially if you are needing more evaluation than average..."
- Elizabeth W.

"So easy and so fast! Great and professional!"
- Danielle A.

"The staff is courteous and friendly. They are a competent group and I always feel well taken care of.".
- Shannon S.

"I broke my frames on my glasses. Derek worked with me to find a new set of frames so I wouldn't have to get a complete new pair of glasses! And the frames look great too!"
- Julie G.

"Nothing but the best of service."
- Charles W.

"Very good, very polite people."
- David B.

"Great staff and great service! I have been going to Family Vision since I was 10 years old (22 years in total) I feel well taken care of."
- Anonymous

"Great experience! Staff is friendly, well organized, and efficient. Dr. Lax explained everything in a very understandable way. I continue to be impressed with his professionalism. Office is neat, orderly, and clean. As a healthcare provider myself, I am very impressed and very comfortable with Family Vision Center."
- Douglas F.

"Always a pleasure when visiting Dr. Sills and the staff. Great knowledge, customer service and cost. Been going to them since they opened their doors and wouldn't go elsewhere."
- James P.

"The staff is great, always friendly and ready to help."
- Brianna H.

"I've been a customer for 12 years and I get great service. No complaints. Your staff is awesome!!"
- Ethan T.

"It's very simple, really ~ after winning the Powerball Lottery, for example, one need never buy another lottery ticket. And so it was, perhaps ten years ago (or so) for me, after a co-worker suggested I see Dr. Jon Sills at the Family Vision Center. I will never again seek the services of another optometric professional, because Dr. Sills is the best in his area of expertise that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! It helps also, when his office runs like clockwork, his co-workers are as kind and as professional as he, and his instruments of testing are "state of the art"! Lastly, Dr. Sills is as comedically gifted as Robin Williams ~ no matter my mood before my visit, I always leave the Family Vision Center with a smile on my face, knowing also that I have received the best possible care!"
- Jonathan T.

"EXCELLENT my wife made this appt. she has been coming here for years... Thank you again... and I will be back next year..."
- Diane

"Dr. Sills is so thorough... Excellent service."
- James E.

"Very friendly and helpful."
- Clarissa P.

"I see Dr. Lax who is an great doctor. He explains everything about the exam and results thoroughly. The office staff is very professional and friendly, making sure that you get everything you need."
- Anonymous

"Very friendly staff who were very knowledgable."
- Susan B.

"All good. Thank You."
- John B.

"Very kind staff. Dr. Sills is professional & personal! You feel like a friend when you leave his office!"
- Anonymous

"Always an excellent visit and exam. Wonderful staff and terrific doctor. Thank you!"
- Kevin Q.

"Staff was very nice . Did not have to wait long to see the doctor."
- Earl M.

"I thought everything was fine at the appointment. Front desk ladies were good, Dr. Lax took time to explain things which was greatly appreciated and Derek did a good job too. Only wish the bill provided an explanation of exactly what I purchased. No purchases were listed at all.. It only stated what I paid that day, and what is due, but does not show anything I bought. I think I should have that for spending almost $1400 there. Thank you."
- Anonymous

"Staff and Dr. Sills are excellent!"
- Susan B.

- Penelope J.

"The examination i had as a first time patient was very comprehensive and detailed by Dr. Sills. Very pleased with how he took the time to explain everything to me, and give me the most thorough exam i have had in years. Thanks to Robert Salrin for referring Dr. Sills."
- Dolores D.

"This was the best place ever! I highly recommend this office to everyone, very friendly and professional atmosphere."
- Shelly M.